Our instructors

Salsa - Bachata


Meet our Salsa and Bachata instructors, Laurentiu&Stine! They are the Norwegian Champions in professional class Salsa 2018/2019, and the same years they were representing Norway in the World Championships.
Their dance journey together started in 2016 with Salsa on2/mambo, being coached by Alexistyle, also being part of his dance team Allure DC. Later on they fell in love with Bachata as well, learning from the creators of Bachata Sensual, Korke & Judith. They have the Teachers Course Certificate in Salsa on2 from Adolfo Indacochea, and are among the few in Norway that start teaching Salsa on2 from beginner level.
The last years, Laurentiu&Stine have been teaching and performing dance shows in different cities in around in Norway and abroad, and they have been teaching weekly classes in Salsa on2 and Bachata Sensual in Oslo. They are also the pioneers of a new project in Norway, teaching Salsa and Bachata for kids and adolescents.
Laurentiu&Stine both grew up having dance as a major influence in their lives, and they both have varied, high level experience in multiple dance styles, Salsa, Bachata, Folk dance, Classical ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance amongst them.
Laurentiu&Stine are the founders of Oslo Dance Company, a dance school in the heart of Oslo, offering a variety of dance styles, high quality teaching and a positive family atmosphere! Come and dance with us!

Kizomba, Semba, UrbanKiz

Bianca & Mihai are our Kizomba, UrbanKiz and Semba instructors, with extensive dance experience and teaching together since 2015. Mihai's dance journey started more than 10 years ago by attending his first Salsa and Bachata classes, followed a few years later by Kizomba.
Bianca discovered her passion more than 20 years ago, starting with modern dances, followed by gymnastics shows and competitions. In 2008 she begun teaching Street Dance and soon after came to discover the world of Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.
Mihai started on the dancing path with salsa and bachata, but, after listening to the rhythms of Kizomba and Semba, his interest was diverted under this umbrella.
Their dream of sharing and giving back to the Kizomba community, has led Bianca & Mihai on the path of teaching in 2015, followed next year by being co-founders of Kizz DC Bucharest dance school.
The continuous desire to grow and improve themselves, was reinforced by completing in 2016 the Kizomba & Semba Teachers Training held by Mestre Petchu & Vanessa in Lisbon and in 2018 the UrbanKiz Teachers Training L1 with Curtis & Carola in Paris. The last years Bianca & Mihai have been teaching regular classes, workshops at festivals, performing shows, organizing bootcamps and events.
Furtheremore, Mihai has taken the next step to DJ-ing at weekly parties in clubs, but also at major festivals in Romania and also some international festivals. 2020 has brought us on a new path, starting a new beautiful project and co-founding Oslo Dance Company. So here we are. Willing to show you what we've learned throughout the years and excited to guide you into this wonderful world of dancing!