Special events

Ladies Mondays by @gaticadance


4 weeks course starting from 16 November.

  • 19:00 Bachata lady styling
  • 20:00 Gatica’s dance technique
  • 21:00 Feel it-Breathe it-Dance it

-by Gatica

Bachata lady styling
This class will work on specific techniques:

  • body control
  • balance
  • musicality
  • how to use the basics of Bachata in a feminin way
  • arm and hand styling

Alongside some exercises we will also do some short pieces of choreos, to give examples and to understand how to use the music.

Gatica’s dance technique
This class will be based on general dance techniques, which can be used dancing by yourself as well as in couple dance. Learn how to be in control of your own body, how to dance dynamic and how to be aware of your body language. It’s much easier to be confident on the dance floor, having the security of being in charge of your movements. Knowing this kinds of techniques doesn’t only allow you to spin or move your arms in many different ways, having this knowledge will also allow you to handle and control your sensuality and how to look and feel confident. Being a couple dancer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to dance by yourself. Help yourself and your leader by being the best you can be.

Feel it-Breathe it-Dance it
-by Gatica

This is the class to put all exercises and techniques into action. We will have a lot of fun and just dance, dance and dance!You will learn small choreographies based on sensuality, being at one with the music and basically let your personality and queendom flow and shine all over the dance floor. This is your time to experience and explore your own dance in a safe environment, where we are all women supporting each other. It will be a class with a lot of energy, sexiness and fun!